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Stunning Data Stories

Make data graspable for everyone. Present complex facts, join expansive data sources, wow all stakeholders. And do it all with live data.



The number of cases has been dropping


From 633k to


Daily cases change

Explain data
with ease.

Readers don’t have to interpret what's important in your charts. You can show them. Our dynamic explainers and computed formulas will highlight important information.

Animated steps

Use animation steps to transition between charts, add additional information to chart, highlight specific data, or explain what’s shown on the chart.

Cases in both countries have been dropping


From 633k to


Daily cases change

Rich visuals and
calculated facts

Maps, charts, explainers, hero images, computed facts, data highlights for readers. All the widgets are dynamic, animated and filtrable… and they make your data sparkle.

Pie Chart
Multi Bar
Line Chart

Input & Output

Easy data management

We play nice with your existing data. Upload a CSV file, link from an external web source, integrate over Zapier or connect with Google Sheets.

Render video for social

We all love watching videos. Now you can render your data story directly as an animated video to share

Publish or embed

Share the entire story or dashboard with a public URL or embed individual elements into your own site or article.


Time Machine

Our Time machine chart is great at showing changes on a chart happening through time. Auto-animate your charts and see historical data pop.

Data story examples

Every day brings fresh news and so do our interactive data stories. They draw data from various sources and explain it visually. Stories update automatically every day, so the various facts keep changing.

Over the past couple of weeks, we’ve pushed our prototype data stories to the limit to be able to bring information about Covid-19.

Data story

Covid-19 Worldwide Story


Covid-19 in Slovakia